7 Reasons why whirlybirds are still relevant and necessary

Whirlybirds are essentially spinning devices that forces air upwards through the roof to the outside of an industrial building. There are two kinds of whirlybirds: those that run by wind and those that are powered by turbine. Here follows a few reasons why we believe the whirlybird is still a relevant and necessary invention.

Removes heat

Wind turbines or whirlybirds help keep your roof properly ventilated and spin to extract the warmth from the inside of the roof. The small fins on the wind turbines starts rotating as soon as the wind blows and sucks up the heat in the roof.

If you used along with roof insulation such as fiberglass and polyester, your roof will keep nice and cool in summer while ensuring sufficient ventilation.

Less corrosion

As whirlybirds are located on the outside of your roof and would often have to fight harsh sunlight and bad weather conditions, it would have to be durable. Whirlybirds are mostly made out of galvanised aluminium which makes it less susceptible to be corrosive.

Excellent circulation

Whirlybirds can correspond with various other advanced systems inside your roof to provide excellent circulation. It is known to be an affordable option to creating proper ventilation for your roof and is simple enough to install.

Cost effective

Speaking of cost, when summer sets in, many property owners spend a lot of money to keep air-conditioners running throughout the day. Whirlybirds help ensure that the air remains normal meaning no need to overspend on the overuse of utilities.

Environmentally friendly

Many people are looking at ways to make ‘greener’ upgrades to their properties. These smart ventilators can work around the clock while emitting no chemicals or toxic gases as opposed to by-products. They also prevent rainwater from seeping into your home!

Fits every roof

There’s no need to worry that a whirlybird will stick out like a sore thumb on your roof. These ventilators come in various colours to suit your roof. Whether your roof is tiled or metal, these ventilators can suit any specification.

They aren’t noisy

This form of ventilation can run 24/7 without any noise or sound that can be heard from vents that draw air into the roof making it the perfect ventilation solution for homes. This system is noiseless, smooth and convenient. 

Whirlybirds have been around for decades and are among the first air-driven roof vents to be in the market and they are still relevant and useful to this day. VIP Construction can swiftly and expertly install whirlybirds, no matter the location or specification. Contact us for a quote.