Amazing facts about Polycarbonate

It would suffice to say that polycarbonate is a unique and extremely versatile building material that has kept us fascinated for many years. Why? Well, we will share a few amazing facts that you may not have known about this seemingly ordinary building material.


The aerospace industry originally created polycarbonate and intended to use it for astronaut’s visors.

Polycarbonate is extremely strong and virtually shatter-resistant. Just to give you an idea; this material is about ten times stronger than glass or any regular plastic.

Polycarbonate exceeds the FDA’s basic requirements for impact resistance by more than forty times.

This material is also known for its durability.

This material is also used to make airplane windows, bulletproof windows as well as police riot shields.

With all of this strength, one would believe polycarbonate to be a heavy building material. On the contrary, it is incredible lightweight. It is, in fact, lighter than regular plastic.

This material is naturally UV-resistant hence why it is used to make lenses for sunglasses and glasses.

Polycarbonate films are easily moulded and used in overlays, nameplates, menu boards and touch panels.

DVDs are popular examples of polycarbonate.

Fire rated polycarbonate can supress flames and the danger of fire when used with electrical applications. Applications of this form of fire resistant material include electrical devices, aircraft carrier components and switchgear covers, to name a few.

ESD polycarbonate can prevent the build-up of contaminants that cause static charges.

This polycarbonate is indeed very versatile. However, where does VIP Construction fit in and how can we help you?

This building material is the perfect roofing option for greenhouses or awnings in commercial buildings due to its immense strength, durability and protection against UV rays. These panels are easily transported and we can install them wherever our clients require them.

With a dedicated team of 60+ people, we work hard to make a success of any steel construction project we tackle. We have evidence of our work in Botswana, Mozambique, Georgia, Russia and The Republic of Congo.

The facts named in this article are quite enough to convince anyone that this building material is an impressive and attractive choice when it needs to fulfil a measure of the construction requirements of buildings such as warehouses, industrial sheds and more.


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