Chicken coop hacks for spring

Spring is a fantastic time to revamp and renew everything on your property. Since VIP Construction is known for their amazing chicken coop designs and installations, we thought, we should share some spring-time chicken coop hacks.

If your chicken coop is located on a small property, put grazing frames on your grass to allow chickens access to grass while protecting your other plants. Some wood framing and mesh wire should do the trick.

If you want to create a chic roosting spot for your chickens, use some old ladders! Your chickens will love it.

Mix some lavender or whatever essential oil smells the nicest to you with vodka to make a nice smelling anti-bacterial spray for your chicken coop.

Adding some apple cider vinegar to your chickens’ water will lessen slime and the build-up of harmful organisms in the water and it will help your chickens digest their food better. Add about 1 to 2 tablespoons per 4 litres of water.

Another thing apple cider vinegar is good for is cleaning! Just add a few teaspoons of this vinegar to water in a spray bottle and you will have a fantastic disinfectant that will help with mildew, mould and odours.

For an easy cleaning method, lay a tarp on the floor of your chicken coop with hay over it. When the straw needs changing, you simply fold up the tarp and dump the manure and straw into a compost pile. Wash the tarp and disinfect it with vinegar and place it back into your coop.

Add some fresh herbs and rose petals to the nesting boxes to add a fresher smell to your coop. They will also serve as a nice treat for your chickens.

Remember to always keep your chicken coop as dry and ventilated as possible in order to avoid bad odours from building up.

Straw is low in moisture, making it the ideal solution for nesting spaces as it will reduce the build-up of bad odour.

Use VIP Construction

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