Give your steel shed a Spring makeover with VIP Construction

Spring is here and it’s the time for fresh beginnings. Have an old shed or warehouse that’s seen better days now that the winter months have passed? Why not let VIP Construction build a new steel shed or warehouse for you?

Why consider a steel shed or warehouse?

Few building materials can match the durability of steel. Steel provides long lasting protection to any structure and isn’t easily damaged.

Steel is also a virtually maintenance-free option. You will spend much less time and money maintaining your building due to the galvanised layer that protect your building from harsh weather elements and rust.

Steel is naturally fire resistant and won’t easily melt unless attached by very high temparatures. This adds an extra layer of security to the valuable items you have stored inside your shed.

Speaking of security. Due to steel’s durable and strong nature, you will automatically have an extra layer of security around your shed. Reinforced hinges may help prevent forced entry.

You can give your shed or warehouse any makeover you wish as steel is a flexible building material and few construction companies are as creative as VIP Construction.

Need to do something about the spring/summer heat? Most steel sheds can have a built-in ventilation system to regulate the temperature in your shed at all times.

Spring shed maintenance tips to keep in mind

You’ll do well to ensure that your shed or warehouse has a proper ventilation system installed. VIP Construction can install a quality roof ventilation system in your shed to ensure that the heat is regulated throughout the season.

Location, location, location. While steel is highly durable, you still need to choose an ideal location for your shed. Try and build your shed in a partially shaded area and location where it is not too exposed to harsh elements.

With spring and summer comes the rainy season in South Africa so it may be a good idea to ensure that your shed or warehouse is waterproofed to ensure that moisture does not seep through the roof.

Taking care of the interior of your steel shed is every bit as important as the exterior. Keep the inside of your shed neat and organised. If you store any chemicals or tools, store them properly to ensure that the interior of your shed is not easily damaged.

Choose VIP Construction

Our farm steel sheds can have included in the design, things like: grain and food stores, hay and other storage, cow sheds, stables, a timber store, and we can even manufacture part of your farm shed into a rice or wheat mill. Contact us and let’s make arrangements