Jack up your security ahead of the festive season

South Africa is a prime spot for criminal activities, making it important to install as many security barriers as possible. With criminals getting smarter by the day, it is necessary to put effective measures in place that act as deterrents. Let’s face it, if criminals really want in, they will find away, but safeguarding your valuables and keeping them out of plain view helps to ensure your belongings remain safe and secure. The festive season is coming up, which sees businesses closing, families going on holiday, and people buying valuables with their bonuses – all of which provide the perfect scenarios for criminals to do their ‘shopping’ too.

Roller shutter doors provide an efficient solution to securing large and small entrances, and are suitable for both commercial and residential use. In addition to their appeal, they offer solid protection against any intruders – a must have in this day and age.  If you’re contemplating an upgrade of your security system, here is why roller shutter doors are the way to go.

Solid like a rock

Often, an exposed view is what lures the criminals. With a clear view into your home or business, it lures thieves to examine what you have on offer. From there, they are able to plan the act of crime – sussing out any easy access points and evacuation plans, and planning their route to get into and out of the property. Roller shutter doors offer an immediate visual deterrent to unwanted intruders.

Strong like Popeye

Built with the strongest steel material, roller shutter doors are durable and able to stand wear and tear over the years. In addition, the value for money shows in the need for minimal maintenance throughout the lengthy lifetime of the product, and the peace of mind knowing that your belongings are properly protected.

The perfect insulation station

These sturdy doors offer great insulation, so your premises can stay cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter months. This is a great way to secure your belongings and regulate temperatures, saving you the cost of investing in other insulation measures – a great case of killing two birds with one stone.

Insurance is your best friend

Layering your security systems creates a more comprehensive barrier against criminals. Installing these steel structures, in conjunction with other security mechanisms, may play in your favour when it comes to insurance. Some insurance companies will even lower your premium if they feel you have gone above and beyond to secure your premises – a win-win situation for both parties.


It is known that your security only needs to be one step ahead of your neighbours, as thieves are drawn to the paths of least resistance. Roller shutter doors offer a great addition to your security system, be it for a retail store, an industrial factory or a residential property.

A great contributor in the fight to combat crime in this country is VIP Construction, specialists in the manufacturing and erection of quality steel products, and more specifically, roller shutter doors. Being a leader in their field, clients are guaranteed the utmost quality and engineering excellence. Using premium quality steel, VIP Construction are able to manufacture and install roller shutter doors to exact specification. Contact us today for a quote on securing your major residential or commercial access points, ahead of the festive season.