Starting from scratch? Steel seals the deal

The traditional bricks and mortar construction method, which has taken the spotlight for many generations, seems to be fading out slowly but surely, giving rise to greater materials that are cost efficient and more economical. One such building material which has grown significantly more popular, is steel. Once thought to be a material used only to build unexciting factories and warehouses, steel is starting to be recognised for its versatility and durability, and consumers and contractors are warming up to the idea of steel structures as a foundation to a beautiful home or business.

If you are planning the erection of a new structure, here are some reasons why you may consider using steel for your next building project.


Formed with a substantial amount of carbon and iron, steel is one of the strongest building materials that can withstand great force and weight. The strength-to-weight ratio outweighs that of most other building materials, which means less framing structures are needed for support and in turn, the foundation requirements are reduced.


Unlike wood and concrete, steel structures eliminate the problems that may arise from elements such as water, insects, fire and corrosion. This strong metal doesn’t bend, twist, warp, swell or buckle over time, so you can rest assured your building will remain structurally sound.


The uncomplicated look of steel is fast becoming a trend as people are drawn to modern, clean lines. If the original steel doesn’t hit the spot aesthetically, there are a range of materials that will complement the steel look. Whether it is a brick, stone, glass, or wood, steel structures offer the perfect blank canvas to build your dream home or business.


Steel is one of the most durable materials and can be exposed to extremely high heats with little chance of any damage. In the event of a fire, steel structures fight the best fight and act as a preventative measure to curb the spreading of fire – giving you the best chance of salvaging both the structure and its contents, should the unfortunate event occur.


In efforts to conserve our planet, steel is eco-friendly and therefore is a ‘green’ building material. Compared to wood and brick, this environmentally friendly material is 100% recyclable and because most structures are pre-built and measured, waste (if there is any) is kept to a minimum. 

Steel is an efficient material to build with, as it is good quality, allows for maximum building accuracy and requires little maintenance in the long run. In addition, the time, cost and labour requirements involved in erecting steel structures are significantly reduced, posing a further advantage in the use of this durable material.

Many builders, engineers and architects have already transitioned and are recommending steel for all their projects. With many more industry professionals keen to follow, it’s safe to say steel is paving the way of the future in the construction world, and with the list of endless benefits, it comes as no surprise.

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